Family baking – it’s good for the soul…

Family baking – it’s good for the soul…

We don’t quite know why, but it is commonly felt that as well as relaxing and a great way to take some time out, baking is actually good for the soul.

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Research has shown that many people naturally feel much happier and content after completing an activity like baking than they felt before engaging in it.

Baking can be an act of self-expression

Taking a break from the daily routine of a fast-paced world and focusing on self-expression can be really good for your happiness and wellbeing. Plenty of people bake as part of their business, but for the majority the act of baking is purely for the love of it, for giving something back or for the simple indulgence of doing something you can be totally satisfied with. There are few sensations better than opening the oven, breathing in the unique comforting smell and taking out the perfect bake.

There’s definitely an art to good baking, whether it be classic sweet treats, the perfect savoury bake or a beautiful homemade artisan style bread. In fact, baking is really a science, where precise measures and attention to detail are vital ingredients to success, but that’s what makes it special and what makes it a great way to take time out for yourself or spend quality time with the family. The kids generally love it, getting involved in the messy bits of mixing and stirring for them is always the best bit, then reaping the rewards at the end of a busy morning.

The beneficial acts of kindness

Of course baking doesn’t just have to be for yourself, there are many charities and community groups that reply on baking as a way to spread the word, offer help and raise much needed funds for their projects – most of us will have some time or another attended a cake fair or coffee & bake morning for a worthy cause.

So, why not get yourself on the way to a more fulfilled soul and see what you are capable of, you might be surprised with what you can achieve! It’s often the little triumphs in life that make the journey all that more worthwhile.