Sustainable products for a better future

Sustainable products for a better future

Thankfully a more eco-friendly, sustainable approach to living is now becoming the norm in many homes, with almost every household in the UK looking to reduce their impact on the environment (and their pocket) in whatever way they can.
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Over the past few years both the general waste and the food waste of UK households and dropped dramatically, with a large part of this being attributed to the understanding of the importance of using sustainable and re-usable items in and around the kitchen.

Why should I choose sustainable products?

Originally perceived as a luxury item or one that is not affordable to the masses, views have changed to understand that these types of products are now an essential part of your daily routines and although they may have a slightly higher initial price tag, actually can save you money in the long run.

It really doesn’t take much to make a difference in and around the home, and Inhabito has a great range of products on offer to get you started. Our fantastic range of cleaning Scrubbys are a great way to save money and the environment, whilst also making the daily chore of cleaning a little easier! Made from 100% cotton the Kilo Scrubbys and Sponges can be used to safely clean a wide range of surfaces including pans, roasting dishes, crockery, enamelware, ceramics and even glass. But, they’re not just for the kitchen, use them to clean the bathroom, shower, your sports kit or the garden furniture! When required, simply pop them in the washing machine and this super-effective non abrasive cloth can be used again and again.

Sustainable Scrubby washing up
Sustainable Scrubby cleaning vegetables

Always looking for a great way to store food?

If like all of us you’re always looking for the best way to store your food or leftovers, we have some great options. Our Silicone Lids are a great alternative to single use cling film or foils, as they can be washed and used again and again. By creating a strong vacuum seal they keep food fresh or contained so they are great for the fridge, microwave or on the hob. Keep mashed potato, cooked vegetables, soups or sauces hot in the pan until serving, or simply use to keep salads or leftovers covered and fresh in the fridge.

The range of Zeal EcoBagz are also an ideal way to save on plastic or disposable foil containers. The reusable, BPA free air-tight zip lock bags have so many uses in and around the home and with a great range of sizes available you can use them to store dry foods such as rice, pasta, pulses or cereals or to keep pre-cooked food portions in the fridge or freezer. They’re also great for lunchboxes too, perfect for fruit portions, nuts or snacks.

Sustainable Silicone Lid in use in the microwave
Sustainable Ecobagz storing liquid food

Take a look at some of our other eco-friendly products to see how you can both save money and help to reduce your impact on the environment.