Subscribing makes life easier!

Subscribing makes life easier!

Subscription services are now part of our every day lives, from media channels to pet foods or personal healthcare there are so many to choose from.

Why are subscription services so popular?

Well in simple terms it makes things a little bit easier, it means you always have your items to hand and in many cases it actually saves you money.

With around 58% of UK household now subscribing to meal boxes, the so called trend is clearly here to stay, it just works so well with the digital age we are surrounded by and with the services filtering down to more varied and daily activities it is getting easier and easier to make the most of the advantages it offers.

We’re pleased to say Inhabito is now able to offer a subscription service on some of our popular products. Make sure you always have a supply of our eco-friendly Kilo Cleaning Scrubbys to hand, they’re ideal for so many jobs in the kitchen and around the home from everyday washing up to cleaning bathroom tiles, sports kit and even your garden furniture.

Also available are our Gaggia 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, the perfect accompaniment to our range of Gaggia Coffee Machines, so you can ensure you always have the perfect bean ready for that welcome morning cup of fresh coffee.